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Businesses that qualify for Wholesale pricing include: Landscapers, Landscape Designers & Architects, Florist, Nurseries, and other professionals working in the Horticulture industry.

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Please provide the Name & Phone Number of users authorized to enquire or make purchases for your company. Note: You are responsible for updating this list during employee changeover. Please contact us or edit your profile.

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Please provide the required documentation for your identification. Your account will not be authorized without these items.
Examples of acceptable documents (provide 2 maximum)
  • Business Cards
  • Branded Attire (t-shirts, hats, etc)
  • Branded Letterheads
  • Photos of Company Vehicles
  • Business License or Permit
  • Tax identification number
  • Proof of business insurance
  • Trade references
  • Business bank account statement
  • Business registration certificate
  • Industry certifications or memberships
  • Business credit report
  • Proof of ownership or lease agreement for business premises
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Tax Exemption

In order to be marked for tax exemption, a valid AZ5000 license is required.
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Trade Professional Policies

  • Professional discounts are not offered to homeowners who employ trade professionals.
  • Trade professionals must use their own form of payment to make purchases. A driver’s license, or other form of identification, will be checked.
  • Professional discounts are only offered to authorized trade professionals purchasing merchandise for jobs with the intent to resell. Discounts are not offered to friends, family, or other ‘affiliated’ persons. “Trade Professional” refers to Landscapers, Landscape designers/architects, and other professionals working in the horticulture industry.
  • A current AZ5000 must be on file to receive tax exempt status.
  • Pottery, fountains, statuary, and trellises will be discounted 20% off the retail price for trade professionals (does not include Talavera). Other dry goods (e.g. fertilizer, insecticide, soil, supplies etc) are discounted at 25%.
  • Existing approved customers may be grandfathered for professional discounts with the owner’s approval.
  • We are not taking new “on account” (NET 30) customers. Arrangements can be made to save a credit card on file for use by employees of companies requesting accounts.
  • Due to changes in Arizona State Laws as of January 1, 2015, Green Things will be charging sales tax on purchases except on sales to other retail establishments for purposes of resale. Contractors will be charged sales tax.